Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby Sweater

I finished THIS little sweater for my soon to be Grandbaby tonight. I almost finished last night, but finally gave up and headed to bed at midnight with just a couple rows left. This is a nice, soft alpaca/ wool blend yarn that I just love for babies. Baby is due in June, but around here that can still be sweater weather, so I went ahead and made the tiniest size instead of sizing up for next Winter.
In a couple more weeks we should find out whether I'll be getting jeans and a white shirt or if I'll be making a little calico dress to go under it. I think this colorway can go either boy or girl quite easily.
This is one of my favorite patterns to make. It's so simple and works up quickly, but it has enough design to keep me interested while knitting. It also comes with several different cable patterns, so it's different every time I make it. Hopefully baby's parents will enjoy it. I know baby won't really care at this size!

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