Sunday, January 12, 2014

What's Owen Eating {Ketogenic Diet}

This is what I do on the weekends. This pile consists of almost two weeks worth of Owen's meals. I still need to make some more cheese sandwiches, but I got tired and decided to wait until tomorrow.  I've been  making one weeks worth plus a couple of extra meals each weekend. I'm hoping to take a weekend off of cooking soon and actually do something fun, so I've stepped up the cooking the last two weeks.
Every day Owen gets four equal sized meals and one snack to take his medication with. That means I need at least 28 meals and 7 yogurt snacks to get through a week. The reality is that I need several more because Sometimes Owen refuses to eat what I had planned and I need a substitute meal. Other times I need something easy to pack, that doesn't need extra items added at last minute. Some of the items in the pictures need butter and syrup (Davinci Sugar free) and added fruit or veggies. I don't make those up ahead of time because the fruit gets yucky and the syrup and butter stick to the containers, so it's easier to add them at serving time.
These meals represent about 8 hours of preparation time, NOT counting the baking time.
Between what I made this weekend and the leftover from last week (kept in the freezer) we have : 5 pancakes, 2 pumpkin muffins, 10 wafflesticks, 2 cheese sandwiches, 8 spinach bites, 8 yogurts, 5 breakfast cookies, and 3 pizzas.
I figure one more weekend of making this much and I can take one weekend off from cooking. Except for yogurts which just don't keep ahead for much more than a week. But yogurt only contains 5 ingredients and doesn't require cooking, so they aren't too hard to make.

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