Friday, January 10, 2014

Babysitting an Angel!

We got to babysit this precious little one today!
The kids were so excited!
Brenna absolutely loved the baby and only had a few little jealousy moments.
Like this one. She absolutely had to try out Angelina's car seat.
Morgan and Duncan helped me out by holding the baby so I could do things like making lunch and taking care of Brenna. Owen held her too, but I didn't get any pictures of that as I don't have enough arms to help him hold the baby safely and take pictures too.
Devon was at school most of the day, but she still managed to find time to feed the baby and take a little nap with her.
Brenna was convinced that the baby was hers alone to hold and kept trying to take her from Devon. Then Angelina reached out and grabbed Brenna's hands.
I just can't get over this hair! At a month old, she already has more than Brenna has.
Brenna wouldn't let Angelina have her favorite "dog dog", but she did let her have the second favorite "Jake dog".  She also said that the baby could have her crib.
Look at this face. I seriously thought about not giving her back. Although I probably would have changed my mind around 3:00 AM. We were so thrilled to have her today!

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