Friday, January 17, 2014

Owen's Doughnuts {Ketogenic Diet}

I used THIS recipe to make doughnuts for Owen. The first ones I made he didn't really like, so I added sweetener and some cinnamon and now he really enjoys them. I didn't really make many changes to the original recipe, but I though I'd post it here anyway. That way you can see how a little tiny change can make a big difference.

Macadamia Nut Doughnuts   268 calories at a 3.11:1 ratio

41g   Egg (raw, mixed well)
18g   macadamia nuts, dry rstd w/ss Mauna Loa Kirklandsig
7g   coconut oil-refined
.1g   baking powder- Calumet (Kraft)
.5g   cinnamon, ground
3.5g   Truvia natural sweetener
3 drops Bickford vanilla extract (not calculated, part of the 15 "free" drops)

Grind nuts into butter. Melt coconut oil and mix all ingredients well.
Bake in mini doughnut maker. I don't follow the indicator lights when cooking these. I cook them for a few extra minutes after the light tells me they are ready.

You can see that I followed the original recipe pretty closely. Owen needed a few less calories and a little lower ratio so, I started by reducing the coconut oil. Then I added in the sweetener and cinnamon since I wanted more than just a pinch.


  1. Thank you! We are very close to the same ratio/calories so only a few changes will be perfect. Hopefully he will like them this time around.

    1. I hope he'll like them. I didn't really change the original by much, my son eats them much better now though.

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