Thursday, January 2, 2014

Updates! {Ketogenic Diet and Other}

The biggest news is that Owen has been seizure free for 67 days! This is our longest stretch with no seizures at all (well, he might still be having the sub-clinicals, but we won't know without an EEG). We've had one longer stretch without any big seizures, but he was still having some of the small ones then. We see the Neurologist again on our Anniversary in February and might be talking about reducing meds. Usually they like to have 6 months seizure free, but we're pretty sure his last two seizures were due to diet mess ups, so we'll see.

Brenna decided to bite a tube of Super Glue the other day. Usually, I use nail polish remover to get rid of Super Glue, but NOT when it's in the baby's mouth. I tried olive oil with some success, but I think we'll just have to wait for it to wear off. She ended up with it in her hair, on her hands, and around and in her mouth. It just seems like with as many kids as I have, they shouldn't be able to come up with anything new. Brenna definitely keeps us on our toes though.

I have been on my traditional "after Christmas clean and reorganize" spree lately. New Year's day, I decided to attack the Tupperware cabinet. Yes, there are other things in the cabinet besides Tupperware, but you couldn't actually see those things until I tamed the plastic storage containers. I got rid of all the cheap "throw away" ones and anything that didn't have matching lids. Now everything fits. I took pictures to show how it should look for future reference since I am not the only one who puts away dishes around here. I told everyone it had better look this good for at least a whole month. Hopefully, that's not overreaching by too long.
 We've also cleaned most of the boys' room, almost all of the sewing room, the living room, and part of the computer room. I'm still avoiding the playroom, as I don't think I'm up to that yet. I'll get to that when everything else is in order and most of the kids are gone for a day or two. Or maybe just after everyone moves out!

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