Monday, January 13, 2014

Owen's Yogurt {Ketogenic Diet}

For several years now Owen has had a yogurt snack before bed. When we started the Ketogenic Diet, I knew we'd need to come up with a substitute for his yogurt, especially since it was the only way we could get some of his medications into him. He was used to eating Greek Gods strawberry yogurt  and only Greek Gods strawberry yogurt. Greek gods is the fattiest yogurt we had been able to find which was great, but the strawberry flavor had way too many carbs. Now, if you've never had a child with feeding issues, you won't understand how difficult it can be to add or change a favorite food. Other kids might just eat a new yogurt. Or they might complain a little and get used to it in a few days. Not Owen. It took us about 3 months to find a yogurt recipe that would be keto friendly that Owen would also eat.
We started with the plain Greek Gods yogurt and tried adding keto approved flavorings and sweeteners without much success. Then I found THIS recipe and it worked! Once Owen was officially on the diet we had to make adjustments for his calorie and ratio needs with the help of our wonderful dietician. We've tried several brands of yogurt, but I highly recommend Greek Gods. It already has such a high fat content that the consistency stays nice even with the added cream and oil. We used another brand at the hospital (they couldn't find Greek Gods)and it didn't work out nearly as well.

This makes a 125 calorie snack at a 3:1 ratio

7g  36% cream
12g   raw strawberries (pureed)
37g  Greek Gods plain yogurt
3g  olive oil
3g  grapeseed oil

Mix well with a fork, and chill before serving. This keeps well for several days in the refrigerator as long as the cream is fresh. I like to make a weeks worth all at once, so sometimes I leave out the strawberries until just before serving so they don't go bad.

Tip: puree up a large batch of strawberries and weigh out the 12g into silicone ice cube molds and store in the freezer. That way you can just thaw a cube of berries and add to the yogurt without weighing again.

Disclaimer: The ketogenic diet is a strictly controlled medical treatment and should only be done under close medical supervision. Do not use this recipe without consulting your physician or dietician.

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