Thursday, January 16, 2014


Do you see anything new in this picture? That's right, Brenna got her ears pierced! She got sick and tired of people calling her a boy just because she's still follically challenged (our new term for bald).
Brenna has been asking for "pretties" and trying to take our earrings out and put them in her own ears. I barely got an earring out of her ear canal the other day. We've spent the last week or two preparing her for the process and telling her that it will hurt. Brenna doesn't do pain well.
Devon was about this age when she pinned down a little girl at play group and tried to pry the earrings out of her ears. We decided that was enough interest and got her ears pierced a few days later. They did the first ear and she started crying and tried to get out of the chair. Then, they showed her the earring in the mirror and immediately she sat nicely and turned her other ear to them. She let us take care of them without any fuss and even turned them herself. So, we got Morgan's ears pierced at the same age and it was a bad decision. Morgan did not really want her ears pierced and complained all the time. She fought us every time we tried to clean her ears. I decided I was not going to get Brenna's ears pierced until she was much older.
I changed my mind the day I had to dig the earring out of her ear. I figured she was telling me she was ready.
She sat perfectly still the entire time. She didn't cry either before OR after. They told us they'd never seen anyone her age handle the process so well. she's thrilled with her "pretties". She admits that they hurt, but doesn't want to get rid of them. The technician was very impressed with how well Brenna seemed to understand the process. We'll see how cleaning goes once the novelty wears off, but so far, so good. When we were deciding on earrings she decided she wanted blue like her eyes. Seriously, this kid is so girly. Not even two yet and she wants earrings to match her eyes!

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