Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chef Devon

Devon starts her actual program classes tomorrow (last quarter was pre-requisites). From now on, she will be wearing her official uniform to school everyday. Today, she picked up all of the required books, supplies and uniform pieces, except for the official uniform pants which had to be special ordered in her size. She had to scour the mall for a similar pair of pants to wear until the official ones come in.
Devon told me that the jacket is cool enough to make up for the rest of the uniform. Except for the shoes.

Nothing is quite cool enough to make up for the shoes, apparently.

Rod, Devon, and I have all been drooling over the kit items.  Although not nearly as much as Brenna, who is quite convinced that the kit belongs to her. She pouted, cried, and eventually screamed when Devon took the kit away from her. Maybe we'll have another chef in the family in a few more years.

We love to cook here, and good quality kitchen items are VERY appreciated. Two of her three textbooks are great too. The $125 food safety textbook is the only one we really aren't excited about, but at least we understand why it's needed (I'll never understand why it cost $125, but that's a whole different subject). This quarter Devon will be taking Pastry and Baking Orientation, Introduction to Commercial Baking, Basic Cuisine Foundations, and Food Sanitation and Safety. I think she'll have a little more fun than last quarter.

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