Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Devon's Camera

 Devon has been wanting a "real" camera for a long time. Our little point and shoot just wasn't cutting it for what she wanted to be able to do. Especially since it's been dropped more than a few times. Unfortunately periodic babysitting jobs just weren't building up her savings very quickly.
 Her mean old Dad and I, an already confessed "Mean Mom",made her develop a finance plan before she started her job this summer.  We did include a category for short term savings however. Devon chose to use that money for her camera.
 She's been experimenting with it all week. Owen and Brenna have been her most willing models! I love how she captured the drool dripping off Owen's chin in this photo.

 Hopefully this means that the quality of pictures on this blog will take a huge leap forward from now on. I have a pretty good eye for arranging shots, but I'm known for being technically impaired. I just don't have the patience for anything other than a point and shoot. Devon has earned the role of Official Family Photographer from now on.

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