Friday, August 9, 2013

Dad to the Rescue!

 You might remember this post . Well, I tried all of the suggestions given and finally got the burnt toast smell out of my microwave! Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful at getting the soap smell out.  The soap smell was much better for the general aroma of the house,but wasn't very appetizing on the food. Dad to the rescue!
 My dad showed up at our house today with this! Not only is it a nice, new, unscented microwave; it has a very important feature that was missing in our old( and I do mean OLD) one. That's right, this one has a child setting that prevents the oven from turning on without a complicated procedure of pushing 3 buttons in the correct order. A procedure all people over 12 have been sworn to secrecy on. We will NEVER perform this procedure in front of little ones. Because, my kids are smart and would figure it out if they saw it even once.  Of course, none of them are smart enough to change the toilet paper roll, but that's a different post.
 This microwave is also about 50% bigger than our old one which means I can actually defrost a family sized portion of something. I have honestly just considered getting rid of our microwave and not replacing it, but with Owen's new diet this makes my life so much easier! Devon was so excited she had to do a whole photo shoot with it! Just to clarify, the bottles on top are Owen's vitamins. I was in the process of making his lunch when Dad showed up.
Thanks  Dad!

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