Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Little Girl

 This little girl is lucky she's so cute! She didn't take a nap today. Her favorite "blankie" is being washed ( can you believe I can't find a single picture of "blankie"), so she wouldn't sleep. She usually takes naps nicely, but not without " blankie and dog dog".

 Today we went in the bedroom for nap routine. I turned on her music, she gave me cuddles, I laid her down in her bed. She smiled up at me and I handed her "dog-dog" , she cuddled him and smiled again. Then I handed her a replacement "blankie", she snuggled it up to her face and frowned. I left the room and she started screaming. An hour later (and several tries) we gave up on naptime.

 As a result, we have been dealing with a very grumpy baby for the rest of the day. She's been an absolute horror! She's dumped 3 water bottles upside down and shaken them over various pieces of furniture and siblings, she's bitten Owen twice, and emptied out every cupboard in the kitchen.

Thankfully "blankie" is dry and all ready for an early bedtime! 

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