Friday, August 16, 2013

You Know You Homeschool When...

This experiment doesn't have anything to do with explosives.
 Your son tells you he needs some chemical supplies from the pharmacy and hardware store for an experiment and you just remind him to wear protective gear and go to the middle of the driveway if he's blowing anything up.

It's not kryptonite either!
Your son has a kit that includes making agar and growing bacteria, only due to an equipment disappearance ( a sister ran off with the "cup" included with the kit, that was not an actual measuring cup) you mix the agar wrong. When your son is upset and wants to know how to finish the experiment, you just tell him to use the pre-mixed agar out of the fridge (doesn't everyone have pre-mixed agar in their fridge? Bonus points if you know what agar is without the aid of Google).

 Your son asks you if using Minecraft to recreate the Lego castle he built counts as schoolwork, and you say yes.

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