Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To School

Picture taken by Owen
 We have always homeschooled our kids. Rod and I are both products of the public education system and neither of us were very impressed with our experiences. I decided when I was in high school that I was not going to inflict that punishment on my children ( at least not full time, we have considered a class or two at school). Rod's high school journey, while completely different from mine wasn't any more satisfactory, so he was fine with the idea of no public school. By the time Devon reached school age, we had 3 small children and my two stepdaughters part-time plus child support payments. It became very obvious that private school wasn't going to work financially. I had always been intrigued by homeschooling, but I wasn't sure if I could manage it. I had the impression that I had to replicate school in my home, complete with strict schedules and all the other things I had found unbearable when I was a student. Being me, I started researching EVERYTHING I could find about homeschooling. I was especially intrigued by a concept referred to as unschooling. While we have never really gone as far as what I would consider unschooling, we have been very relaxed about our homeschooling. Devon hasn't finished a math book in over three years.She's worked on four different programs, but hasn't finished any. She worked through the same science book for three years. She didn't really read (actual chapter books) until she was twelve ( she has dyslexia).
 You might be thinking she hasn't learned anything, but you'd be very wrong. Devon has managed to become an excellent baker and cake decorator. She's learning about photography and film making. She's also doing incredibly well with "regular" school subjects like English, Math, and History.
Picture by Owen
 In our state there is a program called Running Start where high school juniors and seniors can take college classes with public school funding. Tuition is covered if the classes count toward high school graduation. Home schooled students are eligible as long as they qualify as juniors or seniors. Devon is all signed up for this fall! As part of the admission process students have to take a placement test. Devon scored into college level classes in all three subjects tested! Not bad for about an hour of practice and years of relaxed homeschooling. First quarter she's taking a computer course required for all students, a communications class, and a math class. Second quarter she'll start the Culinary Arts- Pastry program. She's done most of her admission requirements herself, more than I would have been comfortable with at her age. We're confident that she'll do great!

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  1. Way to go Devon so proud of you I always knew she was a smart girl!