Monday, August 19, 2013

UFO No More!

 In the crafting world we refer to unfinished objects as UFO's (UnFinished Objects). I started this little dress for Brenna in April, I think. I can't even remember for sure. It kept getting pushed back for other projects. I finally decided I wouldn't pick up any thing else until I finished it.

 Brenna was only willing to model the back of the dress today, So pictures of the front are lacking. I love how it turned out though. The yarn is this super soft alpaca that just makes your fingers happy to touch it. I've been asked several times why I use "good" yarn for children's clothing (especially diaper covers). The main answer is that I'm the one who makes the item. I like to use good yarns, so I do. I have a much easier time finishing a project that pleases my senses, than one that doesn't. So, the majority if the time I use materials that I find enjoyable to work with.

 Hand made items also take a lot of time and effort to make. I'd rather put my time into materials I know will last than cheap ones that might wear out or just not end up with the look I want. Even with cheap yarn, I can usually buy a sweater or hat for less than I can make it for, especially if I put proper value on my time. If I'm going to put that effort into something I want it to be worth it.

 Yarn is also my splurge. I don't drink coffee, so no $4.00 Starbucks every day. I don't get my nails done, and I only get haircuts once or twice a year. I only shop for clothes when I really need them and only for the items I absolutely can't live without. Instead I buy yarn. At least it usually goes to clothe my children after I've gotten to enjoy working with it.

Finally front views!
  I should add that after Devon finished taking these pictures Brenna fell down and landed on a big blob of chicken poop. The dress washed just fine, no stains. At least she didn't drop it on a campground road where it got run over and ground into the mud by several cars like the hat I made Cameron!

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