Sunday, August 25, 2013

Put on a Little Makeup!

 I've mentioned before what a girly girl Brenna is. Well the other day Devon left the house for a few hours. It seems that she forgot to put her makeup box up. Morgan was spool knitting in the girl's room and came out to get help with a tangle. When Morgan came out she didn't shut the door because she intended to go right back in. Only she got distracted. Several minutes later, I looked up from the computer (where I was calculating a recipe for Owen) and realized Brenna wasn't in sight. We found her in the girl's room covered in makeup!
 We pulled Brenna out and took her to the bathroom to clean up. I just shut the door and figured Devon could clean up when she got home since she shouldn't have left the makeup down in the first place.
 When Devon got home she found the "used" makeup and brought all the containers to Brenna and asked her what she thought she was doing? These pictures are Brenna showing her.
 It seems that Brenna is perfectly capable of undoing screw top containers. We thought we had a few more months before she figured that out.
 Do you see the rollers in the pictures? I love that my bald baby thinks she needs curlers!
 Check out the eye shadow!
 I really don't know what I'm going to do with this child!

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