Sunday, August 18, 2013


 Brenna is such a girl. Obviously, I have two other girls (and my two grown up stepdaughters), but Brenna is the most "girly" (Krisi's the next closest). She loves make up, hair stuff (making the baldness even more disappointing), dresses, and anything pink.

 Today, I was finally starting  to sew some clothes for Morgan, but Brenna kept running off with the pink fabric. I finally wrapped a scrap piece around her and she went straight to the mirror and started doing a runway walk in front of it.

 I was getting her ready for bed tonight and I tried to put her favorite kitty nightgown on her. She kept shaking her head no and fighting me. I tried another nightgown and still she said no. I finally pulled out a pink flowered one and she let me put it on her.
 I put her down on the ground and she grabbed the pink teddy bear she'd been playing with and held it up to her dress. "Matches!", she exclaimed. At 15 months old, the child cares if she matches her teddy bear! I'm a little worried about this one.


  1. And it gets worse too! Fiona said she wanted to be a nun so she wouldn't have any babies. When I told her she couldn't wear lipstick, high heels, or jewelry and no one would see her pretty dresses under her black robes, she changed her mind.

  2. Devon keeps telling Brenna that Lula is going to be her best friend as soon as they actually meet, but it sounds like Brenna and Fiona might be best friends instead!