Thursday, August 1, 2013

Going to the Zoo

 On our way to the hospital for Owen's diet initiation, we stopped off at the zoo. Rod's parents had gifted us with a zoo membership for our combined birthdays.
 In the world according to Brenna there are four animal types: Kitty which includes the expected jaguar and tiger along with such animals as foxes, and surprisingly apes; Doggie which encompasses wolves, bears, and  porcupines; Fishy, anything that swims including turtles and otters; and Chicky AKA anything with feathers like toucans, eagles, and of course emu.
Both kids were fascinated with the river otters
Silver Fox
Eagle or "chicky"
"Take my picture with him!"
New Babies

 Owen has a tendency to fixate on certain things. He is incredibly tenacious which has obviously served him well, but once he gets something in his head, that's IT. We tried hard to get him interested in the animals, but once he saw the carousel that was the only thing he wanted to do.
 Brenna, on the other hand, only loved the carousel until it started moving, then she wanted off.
 This sign cracks me up every time. I mean really?! Don't porcupines come with their very own, built in do not touch sign.

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