Saturday, August 17, 2013

Empty Nest?

 Rod recently had to remove a tree on our property that was blocking the view out of the driveway. This nest was nestled in the tree. The kids were, of course, absolutely fascinated with it.

Owen kept asking where the birdie was. He just couldn't seem to accept that the birdie didn't need the nest anymore and had left it behind.
 Luckily we have bantam chickens (among others). Banties are known for their brooding abilities. This time of year we usually have several hens disappear and return several weeks later with babies!
 The older kids decided to humor Owen and "borrowed" one of the bigger chicks to put in the nest.
Once the birdie had actually been in the nest Owen was able to let the matter drop.
 The baby chick is happily back with it's mother and Owen is now fine with the empty nest.

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