Monday, August 5, 2013

Scout Camp

 While we were at the hospital with Owen, Connor and Cameron were at scout camp. The boys forgot to bring a camera, so I don't have any pictures of them at camp, but we got a few pictures of the crafts they made. Cameron did units in  basketry, geology, Geo -caching, and weather. Connor also did Geo-caching and weather along with forestry and leather working.  The boys had a blast as usual, although there were some complaints about the food.
 This was the closest I could get to taking a picture of Cam with his basket!
 Cameron can tell you all about the rocks in this basket.
 Connor has wanted to work on the leatherwork badge for along time, but somehow it's never worked out before. Here is one of the items he made.
 The boys had just bought a GPS with their hard earned money before camp, so they were excited to take the Geo-cashing badge class. They were able to take their own GPS and learn how to use it. They've done some Geo-caching with their cousins since they've been home too. I think we have a new hobby on our hands!

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