Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brenna's Bath

 Brenna needed a bath after dinner last night. Owen decided he wanted a bath too. So, Rod took Owen in and filled the tub and put Owen in. He asked Devon to bring Brenna in to him (I was relaxing a bit after making dinner and a long week). Devon and Duncan took Brenna into the bathroom and started taking off her clothes and diaper instead of taking her to the changing table like I usually do. When they took off her diaper, they discovered it was messy! I was in the other room listening to them while they were trying to decide the easiest way to clean her up. Remember, Owen is already in the tub, so putting her in messy wasn't an option. I'm hearing things like "It won't come off.", and "It's sticky!".
I laughingly hollered " Just use the diaper sprayer".
Then I hear " Don't turn it up all the way" and "What direction do I spray so it doesn't go all over?"
At this point, I jump up and start running toward the bathroom yelling "I was just kidding, don't REALLY use the diaper sprayer on her".
I got to the bathroom just in time to prevent her from being frozen to death by the really cold water that comes out of our diaper sprayer. We finally got her cleaned up enough to get in the bath. The kids blamed me of course. "You told us to use the sprayer mom". "I was kidding!" I didn't realize they'd think I was serious.

That's the kind of exciting Friday night We get around here! Much more fun than going out on a date, right?


  1. Haha, I've used the sprayer on a bum or two! Cold, heartless mama!

    1. The water from our sprayer is really cold! Our Pomeranian runs from it and he'll lay on top of frozen mud puddles in the winter. If it was warmer I'd probably spray them down a lot.