Monday, October 7, 2013

What is Owen Eating?- Ketogenic Diet Update

Owen choosing what he wants with his pancake.

 I've found that the only way I can accomplish anything during the week is if I prepare as as many of Owen's meals as possible over the weekend. We are getting faster at weighing everything out, but it still takes an amazing amount of time to make one little meal.
 This weekend Rod and I made a weeks worth of yogurt (some strawberry and some plain that we can add other fruit to later), seven cheese sandwiches, 3 meals worth of pumpkin seed muffins, 4 meals of chicken nuggets, and as many macadamia nut pancakes as I could until I ran out of nuts. I need to get more macadamia nuts this week! We already had meatloaf and cereal left over from last week.
 The pancakes are easy to make ahead and store and he can have so many options with them. He ate them 3 times today, once with apples and twice with carrots. It seems really strange to feed him the same thing for 3 meals, but most of what he eats is exactly the same thing just presented differently. Meatloaf is just egg, macadamia nuts, hamburger, and oil. Chicken nuggets are egg, macadamia nuts, oil, and chicken. Muffins are egg, macadamia nuts, oil, and blueberries. Pancakes are egg and macadamia nuts served with butter and whatever fruit or veggie he wants. It's really just all the same thing.

Pumpkin seed mini muffins
 Owen is finally starting to sleep a little better after upping his calories before bed. He's still having trouble falling asleep, but he's not waking up as many times through the night. Supposedly ketosis suppresses the appetite, but Owen's ketones are very high and he still thinks he's starving. We've started giving him MCT oil when he's really complaining about being hungry. He doesn't like the oil, so sometimes he stops whining just so he doesn't have to take it. Other times he complains all day! We get a constant countdown. "The clock says 1:23, Mommy! Now it's 1:24, when is my next meal?"
 The other day one of our hens died. Rod took the shovel out to bury it and Owen wanted to come with him. Rod told him to stay inside so he could take care of the dead chicken, so Owen asked if he could eat the dead chicken. He's gained almost 2 pounds since starting the diet, so I'm pretty sure he's not actually starving. I'm really hoping the hunger settles down soon!

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