Sunday, October 13, 2013

Heard at My House

I guess I should be doing this the way Mom has been telling me to do it for the last 3 years.
(YES!! They're finally getting it)

Brenna: (pointing at candy, cookies, and cake mix) Eat that! I need to eat that!

Some background information is needed for this to be funny. Owen has a video game with little monkeys. One of the games you have to try to keep the monkeys from crashing to the ground. When they crash it says "Monkey meet ground."

Owen pushing Brenna off the couch "Monkey meet ground".

 We recently had a dead chicken to take care of , courtesy of a little dog who occasionally falls off the wagon with his chicken eating habit. Owen wanted to go outside with Rod. Rod told him "No, I have to bury a dead chicken. Owen asked, "Can I eat the dead chicken?"

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