Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Day of School EVER! Finally!

 So, I started this post last week. But then, the teachers decided to strike. Devon ended up not starting school last Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, Or even Friday. Finally, Sunday night the e-mail came down that an agreement had been reached and school would start Monday.

 I can tell you that the extra wait just added to the first day of school jitters. The first day went well however. Devon is taking Business Math which is mostly stuff she has already done before. I asked her how the class went and she said "It's math." Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but I guess we'll see as the quarter progresses. She's also taking a communications class. My poor child has never been in a pre-school or kindergarten class, so the first day of communications was a bit puzzling. The class( of adults, Devon was the youngest person there) had to perform amazing feats like lining up by shoe size WITHOUT talking.  My kids have never been exposed to stuff like that before. Let's just say that Devon is hoping the class improves as the quarter goes on, otherwise it should at least be an easy A. Unless she gets marked down for fighting with the cheerleader. Okay it wasn't really a fight, but another "exercise" the class had to perform was to line up by distance away from the school (words allowed) and the cheerleader insisted that her little tiny town was farther away than our little tiny town. The cheerleader was wrong by the way. Devon will also be taking a computer basics class required for all students, but that class meets today for the first time. The other students have told her that the class is fun so she's looking forward to it.
 The only real complaint so far is that $350 worth of books get awfully heavy to lug around all day!
 Next quarter She will get to take classes directly related to her choice of study, so she's more excited about that. I think this quarter of pre-requisites will be good for her though. I have to say that as her primary teacher for the last 11 years, I'm really curious to see how she'll do in "typical" classes.
 This isn't just Devon's first day of school ever, it's the first time ANY of my homeschooled students have gone to school ever. It feels a little like a test for me. 

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