Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

 AHHH! I had just finished uploading a whole bunch of pumpkin pictures and was starting the blog post when the internet cut out last night. At least the power stayed on. Then, Owen had another seizure that required the use of his rescue meds. to stop. I completely forgot to put gloves on him before he carved his pumpkin, so I don't know if that was the reason? I keep forgetting about things like soap, and play dough and alcohol swabs. They can all be absorbed through the skin. It's one thing to keep track of everything he eats. It's a completely different thing to keep track of anything he touches! Anyway, Here's some cute pumpkin pictures!
Yes, Brenna has a mohawk. She like to have her hair "done ".
 Brenna dug right into her pumpkin. Immediately scooping out the insides and putting them in the bowl. Then , suddenly for no explainable reason, she dumped the bowl on her head!
Owen wasn't actually stabbing himself in this pic. He was checking out the ridges on the blade.
 Owen was so proud about carving his own pumpkin!
Morgan did her own too!
 Duncan was so excited, I was even able to get pictures without him covering up his face!
 Cameron mostly stayed busy carrying pumpkin guts out to the animals.

Devon and Connor had to use the Saw Z All on their pumpkin!

Kristi and Simon came over to help too!
Brenna was not thrilled about being in the monster's mouth!
Even Morgan fit in the pumpkin this year!
When I asked Brenna what she wanted on her pumpkin, she said "duck"!

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