Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Leaves

 Morgan called me out to the yard to take a picture of something today.
 She was pretty proud of this huge pile of leaves Grandma helped her rake up.
 Then the pile of leaves moved, and out popped Owen!
 Obviously, playing in a pile of leaves is a lot of fun, but a few months ago there is no way Owen could have stayed quiet and still under that huge pile of leaves for several minutes.
 Before we started the ketogenic diet, Owen COULD NOT stay still. He was in constant motion day and night. We had to hold him on our laps or put him in a high chair at the table or he would fall off his chair. He'd flip and flop all night long.
 Taking him out in public would completely wear me out for hours. He absolutely could not stop moving. He would spin in circles and be on the floor, then up and running around.
We've noticed a gradual improvement in his ability to stay still and focus on things.
 Last week, I took the four little kids to the pet store to get mealworms and crickets for Lizzie, Connor's gecko. We had to wait for almost 30 minutes because the only clerk was helping someone with fish.
 Back in July, I would probably have had to leave the store without the Gecko food. There is no way Owen would have been able to hold it together that long and trying to make him would have left me a total wreck.
 I told the neurologist that I couldn't believe how much "clearer" Owen has been since we started the diet. Something about the high fat diet helps heal the brain. We haven't even reduced the medications yet and we're already noticing huge cognitive effects. It's just so great to see our Owen coming back!

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