Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Homeschool Snapshots

Morgan working on math.

Brenna playing blocks and eating an ice pop.
Owen playing a game on his InnoTab.
Duncan working on his spelling while trying to prevent me from taking pictures.
Connor working on computer programming.
Cameron cleaning hamster tanks.
 This week has been incredibly busy seeing as we haven't really had anything out of the ordinary happening. I'm not entirely sure why, it just seems like everyone is especially needy this week. We're getting back on track with homeschooling now that Connor and Morgan are back home. When Connor was gone we didn't do History or Logic because I didn't want to have to catch him up when he got back. While Morgan was gone, we skipped primary science and our read aloud book so that she wouldn't miss anything. This week we are taking Friday off since Owen has an afternoon appointment and my nephews are staying overnight since they don't have school that day. Friday is usually a "light " homeschool day anyway. We plan our schedule for 4 days a week and use Fridays for special activities, field trip, and catch up for anyone who didn't finish their work.


  1. Hello, I enjoy your blog. I do have a question if you don't mind. My oldest is in 2nd grade in public school and really loves math and science, she has requested science books and math workbooks in order to work ahead of her class and above grade level. I was wondering what workbooks/textbooks/curriculum you use with your family?

  2. Martha,
    Hi, we've used a lot of different math curriculums over the years depending on each child's learning style. For your daughter as a supplement to school, I would highly recommend the Life of Fred Elementary series I have never yet met a kid who doesn't love Fred. Some people don't think they have enough repetition to be a complete curriculum, but they're perfect for a supplement. If she really likes workbooks I'd go with Mathematical Reasoning level D I noticed they also have a grade 2-4 supplement that I've never used personally, but that might be good for your daughter.
    For science the only full curriculum I've really liked are the Apologia Elementary books. They are creation based, just as a heads up (I don't know if that would be a plus or minus for you). I probably wouldn't go that route with your daughter though. I'd just get her a bunch of books (from the library) on any subject she seems interested in. Usbourne has great books if you plan to buy some. I'd also pick up some little experiment kits kits and think about investing in a microscope. Home Science Tools is my favorite resource for science stuff My kids love to go through they're catalog and mark things that look interesting to them.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! Those math workbooks all look really great (way better then what I was finding on my own!). I love that science link too, we really should do more science exploration/experiments at home. I have been planning on getting her a microscope for Christmas too.

      Thanks for all the great ideas!