Thursday, October 17, 2013

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees (and Random Updates)

 It just might hop away though!
 My kids were scrounging for money the other night. They weren't trying to buy something though, they were making these.

 Potty training is going better than I expected so far. Today came in at 7-3 with the potty in the lead! I'm not trying to train him at night at all yet. We give him a VERY large dose of multiple drugs before bed, and I can totally handle one diaper a day. So, that can wait.

 Devon is doing fine with school. She thinks it's boring though. Next quarter she'll have classes that actually relate to her chosen field, so that should be more interesting. I'd rather take Artisan Breads and Pastry Basics than Communications and Math 101, myself.

 Connor is still hunting with his Grandpa and Step-grandpa. Yes, my Dad and Step dad are good friends. In fact, my Dad was the best man at my mom and Step dad's re-marriage ceremony. (Yes, re-marriage). Cell service is spotty on the mountain, but it sounds like all is well with Connor, although possibly not with my dad.

 With Connor gone, we've been taking a partial break from homeschooling this week. We're skipping most of our "together" activities so Connor doesn't miss out. Cameron has been doing his work independently and I've been helping Morgan and Duncan with their reading and math, then we've had time for read alouds or "educational"games.

 Kitties are growing like crazy! They've tamed up pretty easily although they already know to run like crazy when Brenna comes near.  Brenna has figured out how to unlock the doggie door to let herself into the mudroom where kitties are currently living. I can't believe the things that child figures out. I really don't want her being able to come and go from the house as she pleases. I thought I had a little longer before I had to worry about that since she can't reach the doorknob yet, but obviously not.

 Not too much else going on around here. I have a busy week planned for next week, so I'm enjoying having a little break this week.

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