Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kids Clothes Sewing Week- Fail!

 So, I blogged HERE about participating in Kids Clothes Sewing Week. Sunday was the last day, and I'd love to show you all the cute kids clothes I created last week. Except, I didn't! I didn't actually finish a single project. I have one project that needs all the finishing done, including hems, cuffs, collar, buttonholes, and buttons. I have one project that is cut out and has a few parts pressed to start sewing, but I haven't started sewing it yet. I've probably made the most progress on the formal gown I am altering for Devon's friend. I have it all taken apart (lace and satin, so ripping out seams is a bit tricky) and the offending chiffon ruffle removed. I just don't have it put back together yet (with the lace mitered properly this time).

 The challenge for Kids Clothes Sewing Week is to sew (cutting, piecing, ripping out seams, etc. all count) for an hour a day. I might be alright with not finishing any projects if I had managed to sew for the requisite hour a day and just not had time to finish anything. Okay, I wouldn't actually be alright with it, but at least I would have still finished the challenge. I didn't manage that though. It doesn't seem like finding ONE hour a day to work on a project would be impossible, but this week it was. I didn't sew at all Thursday, Friday, or Sunday.

 It wasn't even like we had anything special going on. I just don't have the free time anymore. Since Owen started the Ketogenic Diet all of my free time has gone completely out the window. I guess I need to figure out how to become more efficient. I still think more than 5 hours of sleep (and not always consecutively) would help though!

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