Friday, October 25, 2013

I'd Be Angry Too

 I went into the hall bathroom (as opposed to the master bath I usually use) the other night and my counter top was frowning at me! I think it looks angry, not sad. At first I was a bit confused, but then I realized I was in the same bathroom that my three big boys use. I think if I had to live in that bathroom I'd be frowning all the time too. Especially now that Duncan is on bathroom duty, so the cleaning has been a bit lacking.
 No one admitted to giving the counter a face. Surprise, surprise! I just think that if we have to waste toothpaste drawing on the counter, we should at least get a happy face shouldn't we?

 In other bathroom news, Owen has been completely dry for 2 days straight! We were only having 1-2 accidents a day for almost a week before the last two days. Not bad for being less than two weeks into potty training. I'm still having to take him most of the time, he's only come to me and said he needed to go a handful of times, but I can deal with that for a while.
 Brenna insists on coming into the bathroom with us. She likes to sit on the potty chair although she's never gone. Yesterday, Owen was using the potty while I was rinsing out a pair of longies in the sink. Brenna came in and I noticed she had something in her mouth. I started rinsing off my hands so I could take whatever it was away from her. Owen hopped of the potty and told me that Brenna was eating a coin. I turned off the faucet and turned toward her. Owen started to flush the toilet just as Brenna dropped the coin in. "OH OH! "Owen said, "I just flushed Brenna's coin". I think I need more hands!

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