Friday, October 4, 2013

Gastric Gastropods!

 The kids and I studied Gastropods yesterday as part of our homeschool science. You might know gastropods better if we call them slugs and snails. If you live in the nice damp Pacific Northwest like we do, you might know them very well.
 We learned all sorts of things about slugs and snails today. Like the fact that their slime can protect them from moving over top of razorblades! We also learned that many people eat snails and consider them a delicacy. Okay, the older kids and I already knew this, but the little kids were amazed. "You mean those same snails you let us kill with salt shakers in the garden? People eat those?!".

 A few hours later we went outside. When we came back in, Brenna had something in her mouth. Now, Brenna quite often has something in her mouth. Especially now when she's teething, so Devon reached in and pulled it out. You guys know where I'm going with this by now don't you? That's right, Brenna had a little baby slug in her mouth! Have you ever tried to get slug slime out of a babies mouth? Let's just say it wasn't fun and leave it at that.

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