Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kids Clothes Sewing Week :Day One

 Today was day one of Kids Clothes Sewing Week. The goal of the week is to sew on kids clothes for at least one hour per day. Pattern tracing, cutting, and finishing all count in the time allotment. I participated in this event last April and made a bunch of dresses for Brenna. I chose to skip the summer sewing week, since it was the week of Owen's birthday, Cameron's birthday, Rod's little sister's wedding (with out of town guests arriving), Connor and Cameron's departure for camp, and the week before Owen's diet initiation. I decided that trying to sew for an hour a day that week would be nothing but a lesson in frustration. I decided to take part in the Fall challenge this week though. It happens to be the perfect timing since I have a few kids sewing projects I have been procrastinating about finishing ( Okay, okay, to be honest, I haven't even started most of them).
 Last year, I planned ahead for the week and got all my patterns traced and/or cut out and all of my fabric cut before the week started. This year, not so much. I started with a general idea of what I'd like to accomplish and that was it. Today, all I managed to get done was to press fabric and cut out two of the patterns.
 The first item on my agenda is The Prepster Pullover. This is for Owen's Halloween costume. He wants to be Frodo Baggins. I actually made him one of these already, but it had a little mishap in the laundry and now belongs to Brenna so I need to make a new one for Owen. I know blue isn't really a hobbit color, but it's Owen's favorite and I expect him to wear this later for everyday.
 Then I cut out a dress for Morgan since I still haven't finished all of the items I promised her. I recently learned about Project Run and Play. I missed the sew-alongs for this season, but I was intrigued by the Popover sundress remix challenge and started thinking about what I would have done for it. I finally decided to go ahead and do it for Kids Clothes Sewing Week.
 If I finish both of those things, I was thinking about making a cape to go with Brenna's Halloween costume only I haven't figured out what fabric I want to use. I also have a formal dress that a friend of Devon's found at a consignment store and wants me to update a bit that I could work on. I'm planning on pretty much only putting in the hour a day this week, since my "free"time seems to have disappeared lately. In fact I just realized that it is now actually tomorrow not today any longer!

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