Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Normal" Family

 On Saturday, Rod and I got to experience what it would be like to have a "normal" family. Connor still wasn't back from his hunting trip, Morgan was spending the night with Grandma. Duncan and Cameron went to spend the night at my nephew's house and Devon stayed the night at Tilly's. That left us with only Owen and Brenna. And it only took three other households to distribute our children.
 I'd like to say that the house was quieter and cleaner than it usually is, but I had the wrong two children for that. I still kept feeling like I was forgetting something all night. Brenna tried her very best to keep us running, but there was still so much less to keep track of. People always ask how we can keep up with so many kids. The answer is that you just get used to it. I'm so used to multi-tasking, I don't know what to do when I don't have as much going on. I think I'd be bored with only two kids all the time. It was sort of nice for one night though!

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