Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time Out

 Honey Bear is in a time out. Why on earth would a honey bear get time out you ask? Well, honey bear was found in the cupboard nearly upside down WITH his lid open! How did I find honey bear? By the globs of gooey honey that dripped out of the cupboard all over my gas stove top. I couldn't figure out what had spilled all over the stove, so I looked up and saw drips coming out of the cupboard through the crack at the bottom of the door. I opened the cupboard to find the entire bottom covered in honey and sweet, little honey bear in his rather compromising position. After cleaning the whole cupboard AND the stove top AND throwing out a few packages of food I couldn't clean thoroughly, I of course, tried to find out who had used the honey last. Or who might have been in the cupboard last and moved things around so roughly, but of course, no one had. No one ever does anything like that around here ( I know it wasn't Brenna since she can't reach that cupboard even with a chair).
 I finally had no choice but to assume that honey bear had committed the act of vandalism entirely of his own accord. I then had no other alternative but to place him in indefinite Time Out. I'm not sure if or when he will be refilled and allowed to continue his normal activities, but it probably won't be anytime soon since he has shown absolutely no remorse so far.

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