Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Brenna chose a package of eggplants
We're getting the main garden in a little late this year since it's been too wet to till before now. I've done a lot of reading about no-till garden methods, but haven't managed to put the ideas to work in my garden yet. This garden is being planted with tomatoes, brassicas, carrots, and a few other miscellaneous things. The big lower garden is getting corn, peas, beans, and squash/melons. Salad greens and perennials are in my raised beds.
The kids have been having fun "helping" us work in the garden. I'm a very lazy gardener. I always tell myself that I'm going to buckle down and actually do things like make a garden plan and start seeds ( without killing them) and have one of those beautiful productive gardens people brag about on all sorts of internet sites. Instead I always end up throwing things together at the last minute without any sort of plan. I overplant seeds and forget to thin them out. I have lots of help from kids, dogs, and chickens which can make for some interesting planting patterns. But somehow it always seems to work out and we end up having a bunch of fresh, chemical free food even if I have to wade through knee high weeds to find it.
My raised bed gardens got planted a while ago and I now have a few things ready to harvest! Most of them were actually volunteers from last year, but this years plantings are doing pretty well where the chickens didn't scratch all the seeds away.
New rhubarb which won't be ready to eat for another year or two.

Jerusalem Artichokes which just got moved this year.
The Egyptian Walking Onions are doing great this year!

Brand new asparagus which won't get harvested for a few years.
 A self-planted spinach
I can't wait until we are eating from the garden everyday! Everything tastes so much better when it's homegrown and we're much better about eating veggies when we can just pick them fresh.

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