Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014!

The big news this Mother's Day is that baby Carlitos is home!! This means that Rod and I could visit him and his Mama without making the drive to Seattle. It also means that the little kids got to meet him for the very first time!
Duncan was so upset about not being old enough to visit Kevin-Carlos in the NICU. Once he got hold of him today, I didn't think anyone else was ever going to get a chance to hold him.
Carlitos is so tiny! He's up to 5 1/2 lbs now, which is over a pound and a half bigger than when he was born. That still makes him 2 lbs less than my smallest baby (at 7lbs, 7oz) and almost half of what Owen weighed at birth (10lbs 13oz).
Morgan did really well holding the baby. We didn't let Owen hold him yet. We'll wait until he's a little sturdier for that. Owen was pretty happy just kissing him. Over and over and over.

Not that I could blame him. I'd be happy to just kiss him all day too!

Carlitos is nursing much of the time, but he gets a few bottles a day of expressed breastmilk with a special preemie supplement. He'll keep getting that until he reaches 6-7lbs. That means that I got to feed him his bottle though.
He feeds on his left side to reduce the risk of aspiration.
Then we finally let Rod hold him. Duncan told the big kids they had to be last in line to hold baby since they got to visit him in the NICU.
Happy First Mother's Day Kristi! I couldn't think of a better Mother's Day present! Well, except for two years ago, when we brought Brenna home from the hospital just in time for Mother's Day.

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