Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lost and Found

Way back in September, I promised to post the next part of Owen's story. I'd gotten up to the part where we switched to Swedish Hospital and were getting ready for his first  long term video EEG. Then I didn't post the rest of the story. Because I couldn't find the pictures! We had a camera get lost and a camera break and a computer crash in that same time period. When I went to do the post, I couldn't find the pictures from that hospital visit ANYWHERE. I was so upset about losing the pictures that I just couldn't bring myself to do the post.
Fast forward a few months and Baby Carlitos had been born two months early. Kristi was texting me pictures on a daily basis. One day I went to open the picture and my old, tired, non-smart phone informed me that it was fed up and would not upload any more pictures until I emptied out some memory space. So, I asked Rod to load my pictures onto the computer so I wouldn't lose any of them AND guess what he found?! That's right!! A bunch of pictures from Owen's 6 day EEG.  They were literally in my pocket the whole time! I'm still missing several shots that were only on the camera, but I have enough to make me happy again!
So, sometime in the next few days, I'll finally get that post up. For now here's a quick sample.

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