Monday, May 12, 2014

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 2 {2014}

Well, It's day two and I can already say that this year is MUCH easier than last year. First, is the fact that I'm only diapering one this year. but just as important is the fact that I already have a bit of a routine down. Last year I was experimenting, this year I already know what works or doesn't work for me. The weather here in the notoriously rainy Pacific NW has also been on it's best behavior this year. Last year it rained every day, so I only got to dry diapers outside a couple of times and had to rush them back in when the rain started both times. This year the forecast is for clear, warm weather until Friday!
Today's topic is what we are using and how much it cost. I blogged about this HERE last year and really I haven't changed much at all. The gloves I bought last year got a hole in them, but I decided that they were actually more trouble than they were worth, so I didn't get a new pair. The only new thing I bought was new twine (about $3) for my clothesline since the old one was broken and moldy, but I bought that a couple of weeks ago just for everyday use not specifically for the challenge.
For diapers I'm either using 1 receiving blanket or two birdseye flats during the day and 1 receiving blanket plus 1 birdseye flat at night. The flats I got for about a dollar each through a co-op nearly 10 years ago and the receiving blankets were mostly gifts or garage sale finds for about a quarter. Today, I washed 8 diapers and I should have a few more tomorrow since I'll have an extra night's worth. Since I'm doubling up for my 2 year old, I think I'll need at least 2 dozen diapers to be comfortable.

If I were to buy these brand new at current prices that would be about $48 plus $2-3 for a set of diaper pins.

For covers I'm using a combination of one-size snap covers (when others do the changing) and handmade wool covers (when I change since these require pins to keep the diapers snug). Most of the covers I'm using I bought for $6 through a co-op although I do have one brand name cover that was about $15. The handmade wool covers cost me between $6 and $16 dollars depending on how fancy my yarn was and whether I used a coupon or not. I'm going to assume that if I was on a really tight budget and didn't get yarn as presents, I would buy the cheap yarn. I have 6 PUL covers and 3 wool ones in rotation right now. I've only needed to use 2 of the PUL covers so far though. I have used all 3 of the wool covers since Brenna got chocolate ice cream on one pair and I had to wash them right away. I really wouldn't recommend less than 3 wool covers. One to wash, and two to rotate each change. 

So, that comes to $42 - $84 dollars for covers. This is obviously the best place to make changes if you need to keep it more inexpensive.

I am also using my diaper sprayer $50 but these can be as low as $30 and aren't really necessary, a bucket that I got for free although you can spend $3 on a brand new one, a $3 plunger, I really recommend this it makes things much easier. I guess I should also throw in the $3 for clothes line. I have a drying rack too, but I wouldn't buy one just for this purpose. If you already have one it is helpful, but I'd probably just throw them over the shower rod or string my clothes line up in the mud room rather than buying a new one.

Total cost: as low as $99 (that's assuming you don't scrounge for the actual diapers) and up to $191. You will probably need more sizes of wool covers, but the one size covers should work from birth to potty training if you don't have little, tiny newborns. So really, for  $100- 250 you could diaper one baby from birth to potty training. That's a lot cheaper than disposables!

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