Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finally Finished!

During the Spring 2014 Kids Clothes Sewing Week,  I managed to get several projects finished. I had two dresses for Morgan that only got partially done, however. I finally finished them this last week. I haven't managed to get pictures of the first one I finished, but I got pictures of the pink one last night.
Morgan is incredibly difficult to get pictures of. She's perpetually in motion, so most photos end up blurry, or I only get part of her in the shot. I also didn't get pictures until the end of the day when she had played outside and been in the swimming pool, hence the dirt and stringy hair. But I remembered to get pictures, so we'll call it a success!
This dress is from the Geranium pattern. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite patterns. I made one of these for Brenna during the Winter 2012 Kid's Clothes Week. Morgan loved it and asked for one of her own only in pink. So, now they have "matching" (only not really) dresses. Both of them are thrilled. Now, I just need to pictures of the other dress which is actually my favorite!

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