Monday, May 19, 2014

Updates! {May 2014}

I think these two are the most alike looking of all my kids.
WOW! I know I'm always saying I'm busy, but this last week has really been something. I had 4 sick kids for part of the week. Nothing major luckily, Owen ran a fever for two days, but Owen is well known for spiking high fevers for no apparent reason. Duncan also had a little bit of a fever and the 4 younger kids all had cold type symptoms. The two little ones still have drippy noses, but I think we're on the mend.
Connor had 3 drives last week in addition to his two driver's ed classes. so we had to take him back and forth all week instead of just two days like usual. His next drive is actually just at the end of class, so I won't have to make extra trips.
With the weather finally drying out, we've been busy getting the garden up and running. I've had my raised beds planted for a while, but the main garden areas were too wet to till until now. We've also been fencing in the rest of the pasture. With the alpacas joining the goats, we need a little more space.
Brenna NOT cooperating for pictures
Last week was the 4th annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge. I did actually finish the challenge, I just didn't manage to blog about it the last two days. I had a much easier time of it this year, which I attribute to only having one child in diapers and having nice enough weather to hang the diapers outside to dry. I'm still not planning to wash diapers by hand unless it is absolutely necessary, but I am planning on using flat diapers more often. Brenna has very sensitive skin and we have very hard water. I've had a horrible time finding a washing routine that keeps her from getting rashes ( she breaks out from disposables too, so that's not really a better option). The rash she had going into this week has cleared up entirely. Since I really don't want to hand wash all the time, I'm trying to use flats more to see if they just get cleaner easier since they are only one layer. I'm hoping to get the benefits of the last week while still enjoying my washing machine. I already hang dry my diapers whenever the weather cooperates, so that won't be a change.
Last night I got to attend the Helping Parents Night Out put on by Parent to Parent. Back before Owen's seizures stated up again( he had a few just after birth, then didn't have any for over two years) I attended the training to be a Helping Parent. Helping Parents are parents of special needs kids who agree to be a resource person for other parents with children who have similar diagnosis or needs. I haven't been able to make the Night Out event before due to Brenna's birth and Owen's medical issues, but this year I really needed a break, so I decided Brenna could go to bed without nursing for one night. It was just exactly what I needed! I got a mini massage and paraffin hand and foot treatments. I got to make a beaded bracelet and most importantly, I got to talk to other parents of children with special needs. Everyone brought appetizers and beverages and we nibbled and chatted all night (well until 10:30). Then I got to bring home a bag of goodies! It was so much fun, I think I'm putting this event at the top of my priority list for next year.

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  1. My daughter suffers with sensitive diaper issues too and I found puremedy baby salve (not sure if it's cloth friendly) and honest Co healing balm to be magic worker's :)