Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunny Days!

Front view
We've had some sunny days lately and that means the kids need shorts! Thankfully Oliver + S released their free Sunny Days Shorts pattern just in time to save me from digging through my rather extensive pattern collection to find short patterns in 4 sizes.
Back view over a cloth diaper
The Sunny Days pattern covers all sizes from Brenna up through Duncan (actually Cameron could probably fit in the 12 since they're shorts) in two easy downloads. What I love about downloadable patterns is that I just print out a new pattern each time I need a different size. I don't have to buy a whole new pattern or trace off a pattern. I HATE tracing off patterns. What I don't like about downloadable patterns is taping all the numerous pieces together, but these are shorts, so there aren't very many pieces.
Brenna had lots of fun modeling for me!
Brenna's shorts were made according to the pattern except that I used up all my scraps of the zebra fabric by colorblocking them. I didn't have enough of any one print left, but I think they actually look cuter this way.
I added pockets and lots of top stitching to Owen's shorts. I also pieced the waistband because I didn't have enough fabric left to make it in one piece. I bought this fabric from an outlet so many years ago that I used it to make overalls for Connor back when he was barely walking. I've used it for a few projects since then and had this little square piece left. With some very careful cutting (not according to the pattern), I managed to get this pair of shorts with just enough left over to make pockets. I just winged the pockets. I guess they worked out since Owen is thrilled with them.
See! Pockets!! He told me he can put money in them now.
I still need to get some done for Morgan and Duncan. Then everyone could use a few more pairs, but we'll see on that one. One pair each to start with.
Front view (see Owen's "extra" belly button?)
Back view

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