Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Brenna!

 Brenna is two today!  Because her birthday fell in the middle of the week, we actually celebrated last Saturday. Since we had plans to pick up a friend from the airport and since we wanted to see our precious little Grandson Carlitos, we decided to take everyone to the zoo for Brenna's birthday.  After several nice, summery days it decided to start raining again, but we didn't let that stop us (at least not at first).
Brenna really wanted to take this little spotted mini donkey home with us. Other than that, the family farm area of the zoo was not much different than being at home.
I think the flamingos were Brenna's favorite. She just kept saying "Pink bird! pink bird", over and over pointing at each and every separate bird.
Cameron in front of the cheetah display. Unfortunately my cheetah pictures didn't turn out.
The zoo has these little footprints on the ground leading to certain attractions. Brenna was fascinated by them and ended up walking on as many of them as possible.
There was a speed check station near the cheetah display so the kids could see if they are as fast as a cheetah.
Brenna runs at about 2-3 MPH. Owen made it all the way to 4 MPH.
Morgan was pretty steady at 4  MPH, but did get up to 6 for a short time.
Duncan and Cameron broke the machine or something since it wouldn't read their speeds.
This bird was convinced that he'd get fish if he just acted like a penguin.
We took the little kids for a ride on the carousel, but Brenna decided she didn't want to go on it after all. Owen wanted to try riding on the seat, but then he expected another ride on a horse and was disappointed that he didn't get one.
Finally, the rain got too heavy for even us Pacific NW natives and we wrapped it up and went to visit Kristi, Simon, and Carlitos. Since it was Brenna's birthday, we let her choose something from the gift shop. She chose a super, soft stuffed cheetah, although she kept calling it a tiger.
Today, she also got a stuffed monkey that Devon sneaked off and bought while we were on the carousel, several pairs of earrings since she can change hers out now (and since she lost one of hers), a snake in a basket toy that she thinks is hilarious, and a box of cinnamon rolls for obvious Brenna reasons.

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