Sunday, May 4, 2014


I am really bad at surprises. Both planning them and being the victim of them. Yes, I said victim, because that's how most surprises make me feel. I'm also really bad at keeping secrets. Mainly because I really hate surprises. Sometimes surprises are fun though and sometimes secrets are worth keeping or trying to keep. Especially when you know the victim or recipient will really enjoy the surprise.
Several months ago, an online friend of Devon's messaged me with his intentions to come for a surprise visit. So, for about two months, I've been keeping a secret and planning how to keep it a surprise for my daughter. We don't often go to Seattle and hang around the airport, so coming up with a good reason to do so was a bit of a challenge.
Our cover story was that we were picking up a different friend at the airport and wanted Devon to come along because she's going to be flying solo in June and we wanted her to check out the airport since she hasn't flown in a few years.
Then we decided to take everyone to the zoo for Brenna's birthday(pictures will be in an upcoming post). That made it seem more plausible that we would pick up a friend from the airport when we were already going to be in Seattle for the day.
Then our Grandson, Mr. Carlitos, decided to come a few months early, so we added a visit to the hospital to our trip. Saturday morning we left for Seattle and after only one potty break and one bout of motion sickness arrived at the zoo. We wandered around the zoo for a few hours until the rain got too heavy for even NW natives like us. Then we headed to the hospital so that everyone over 12 could visit Carlitos and everyone under 12 could sulk in the waiting room about not being over 12. Next we headed to the apartment Kristi and Simon have near the hospital for dinner. Finally, we wrestled everyone back in the van for the original purpose of our trip, picking our New Zealand friend up from the airport.
Unfortunately, Devon had figured out the surprise about a month ago due to an unfortunate Facebook comment NOT made by me. It wasn't my fault. She was still pretty excited to finally meet Jason in person though! As was everyone else except for Brenna who was being a bit shy and grumpy. Jason offered to give us gas money for the trip and we told him that the only currency we accept  is candy not available in the US. This is what he brought us!
Patty, I put some of this on the top shelf of my closet just for you. That way the kids won't eat it all before I get a chance to get it to you like last time.

Jason also brought a birthday present for Brenna. Which she absolutely loved and wore most of the day until she found out it was from Jason. Then she threw it on the floor and wouldn't wear it again until she wanted to go outside. She wouldn't let anyone else touch it all day, even when she was refusing to wear it. She finally changed her mind and decided it was okay that it was from Jason after all because she loves it so much. Owen, on the other hand took to Jason right away. Jason is perfectly willing to be a jungle gym and that is enough for Owen to be best buddies with him. He'll be staying for a week, so we should have a few more Jason stories before he leaves.

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