Saturday, May 31, 2014

That Time of the Year!

Everyone is busy making babies around the farm. Yes, the kitty was a planned pregnancy! She is from a long line of wonderful mousers and most of her babies are already spoken for. We didn't expect her to have 6, so I might have a few available, but we're more than willing to keep them ourselves. The mice breed even faster than cats do around here.
One of the banty chickens came out of the blackberry bushes with 8 little babies the other day. Later that same day we discovered this little beauty hiding a nest in the hay bales. Then today, I found this one hiding at the property line when I was mowing the lawn.
And then, Rod found this one hiding under one of the recycling bins.
Just what we need, a billion more banty chicks! They are great layers, they just go broody so often that they hide more eggs than we can find. We've thought about getting rid of all the bantys and just keeping the full size hens who don't seem to go broody as often, but we have plenty of room and the bantys are pretty self efficient as far as food goes, so we keep them. Enough of them get eaten by the Eagle and the coyotes each year that we don't get too over run. I really hate feeding the coyotes, but I can only complain so much about the eagle. It's pretty cool to have a resident Bald Eagle even if it does enjoy a chicken dinner every so often.

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