Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Duncan!

Duncan hit the double digits yesterday! That's right 10, I mean, who told him he's allowed to be that old? It certainly wasn't me.
Duncan was my "bonus" baby. Rod had decided that 3 children plus my two stepdaughters were enough. We moved to a new house when Cameron was 1 and gave away all of our baby stuff (except a bag of clothes I loved and wanted to save). When Cameron potty trained, I almost gave away all my cloth diapers, but I couldn't quite bring myself to, so I stuck them in the attic.
That's right, Rod was done, but I wasn't. I've always wanted a large family. Rod also wanted a large family, but when he said large, he meant 4-6 kids, including the two part-timers. When I said large, I meant 8-12. So, Rod eventually gave in and we got Duncan! It was so much fun to have a little baby in the house again. The older kids loved him to pieces. Or at least they would have, if I hadn't kept a very close eye on him.
And now he's 10! Duncan loves Legos and other building toys, computers, babies, and his cousins. He is one of my "easy" kids. He was the baby I could take everywhere without ever worrying about him being disruptive and the toddler who would sit nicely and play quietly in public. He now occupies himself for hours at a time. He rarely ever fights with his siblings and he gets along with everyone although he prefers a solitary life.
We celebrated quietly yesterday, with homemade pizza and a chocolate -chocolate chip cake. Duncan got Legos, and more Legos, and a pocket telescope/microscope, and a boomerang. All of which Owen was extremely envious of.
In fact, Owen has informed us that all he wants for his birthday (July) is everything Duncan got!

Today, Duncan is busy putting together all of his Lego kits. I just can't believe how big he's gotten.

Happy 10th Birthday Duncan!!

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  1. May 2004 must have produced a great crop of babies. Everything you said about Duncan could be said about Hezekiah!