Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flats Challenge - Supplies

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Supply List

Plunger 2.99
Kitchen gloves 2.49

I bought these at our local drug store because the dollar store didn't have any and I forgot them last time I was at Wal-Mart.

1  5 gallon bucket(already had)
 I got several of these buckets for free from a friend who works at a local nursing home. I've also seen them on Craigslist for 1 -2 dollars. (If I were doing this for longer than a week I would get 2 or 3 buckets)

Diaper sprayer (already had)
 I bought myself the Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer a few months ago when our income tax return arrived. I had cloth diapered for over 16 years without ever using a diaper sprayer. I always considered them to be a waste of money. With Owen being special needs, however and still nowhere near potty trained at nearly 4, I decided to splurge. If I were handwashing exclusively I think I would consider this a necessity.

Drying rack (already had) I have this drying rack from Ikea. I bought mine about 5 years ago. This wouldn't be totally necessary, but since I already had it, I'm using it.
Diapers (made 2 already had the rest)
 I'm using 3 different types of flat diapers. I was worried about using flats at night for Owen, he doesn't wet very often and absolutely floods when he does. I dug through my fabric stash and found some thick cotton interlock. I cut two  roughly 35 inch squares and ran my serger around the edges. I tried one of these out before the challenge and it was just as absorbent as the fitteds I usually put him in at night.
 I'm also using receiving blankets for Owen during the day and Brenna at night. Most of my receiving blankets were presents, some of them from my baby shower with Devon. A few of them I paid .25 cents for at a garage sale. I normally use these as changing table liners and have about 12 of them.
 The final flats I'm using are actual birdseye flats. I bought several dozen of these for about a dollar each through a co-op when Duncan(almost 9) was a baby. I also had 2 dozen when Devon was born, but those have finally worn out.
 Since I'm diapering 2 and doubling up the diapers most of the time, I decided not to limit myself to a certain number of diapers a day from the start. Instead I'm keeping track of how many I use each day. Yesterday, I washed 3 receiving blankets and 8 flats. I had 2 more receiving blankets and 3 more flats wet after I washed and before I put the kids in their night diapers. Several of Brenna's diapers were saturated, so I might start to double her up.
 Based on the laundry I did yesterday and today, I would want at least 3 dozen diapers for two children and 2 dozen for one.

Covers (already had)
 Again, I already have a large stash of covers. I bought 10 new Diaper Safari one-size covers from eco baby buys a few months ago because my old covers were worn out or getting to small for Owen.  I prefer to use handmade wool covers, but my knitting time isn't enough to keep up with how my kids are growing and I'm the only person in the family who is comfortable pinning diapers, so I also keep snap on PUL covers in my stash. I paid less than $6 per cover for the new ones I bought and several of Brenna's I made for less than that. Yesterday, I had to wash 2 of Brenna's covers and one of Owen's. Even though my diapers only took about 14 hours to dry( here in the rainy Pacific NW) the covers I washed last night are still wet. Going off of that, I wouldn't plan on having less than 4 covers and preferably 6 per child. Although if your children can both wear the same size covers I think you could get by with 8 total.

If I were buying supplies to wand wash with flats full time I would buy the plunger and glove s$5.50 , 3 dozen flats at probably $1 average a piece $36, 8 covers at $48, and scrounge up a couple of buckets for free. Less than $90 total. If I could come up with the money I would also get a diaper sprayer for $30-50 depending on the brand. That is for two kids in diapers. For $150 dollars I would have a few extra covers and maybe a wet bag or two for outings. Oh, and a drying rack, but that would definitely be a splurge. Much cheaper than disposables!Actually less than 2 months worth of disposables for 2.

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