Sunday, May 26, 2013


 We had to call an ambulance today for the first time since January. Owen has been having little seizures, but this one was 14 minutes long. The good news is that he didn't have breathing problems this time, so we didn't have to transport to the hospital.  It's almost funny calling 911 now. They give you directions over the phone and we are just saying "Yes, I already did that. Yes, he's on his side. Yes, the door is unlocked, etc., etc.", we've done this so many times. When the paramedics showed up, everyone already knew Owen. One of the guys even remembered Owen's rescue Med dose! Usually the only information I have to give is the latest medications, since that changes constantly(weekly right now). I'm so hoping that the ketogenic diet works for Owen. As nice as our local paramedics are  I'd still prefer not to see them quite so often. Owen now refers to all ambulances as HIS ambulance.

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