Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Keto Diet Update and Homeschool Science

This little guy meets with the Ketogenic Diet team on June 3rd. I chose this picture of him because it shows the "dopey " look he often has with his current medication dose. Hopefully the Ketogenic diet will help us wean off some (maybe all!) of his meds.

Summer has decided to arrive in the pacific Northwest! Since we never have any idea how long it will stick around, the kids took their science kit outdoors.

Due to excessive help from this little cutie, we moved the experiment upstairs, preventing me from getting good pictures. Devon helped the little kids learn about polymers by creating Gravity Goo and then suspending spheres of sodium polyacrylate in it. We used the Big Bag of Science . It is labeled for ages 8 and up, but works  well for our mixed age school with the big kids doing most of the experiments and the little kids watching and having fun with the results.
Morgan's teeth have almost grown back in. I will so miss this gap-toothed grin!


  1. I hope this diet works hate seeing him all doped up. Love you Owen!

    1. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I sure hope it works too. The side effects from the meds might be worth it if they actually worked, but since they only help a little it's hard to put up with them.

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