Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

We started Mother's day early with a picnic dinner in the park Friday. I tried to take a really cute picture of Devon holding Brenna, but Duncan had other ideas. I still can't find the battery charger for my camera, so I'm using the camera Devon got for Christmas in 2007. The shutter speed isn't quite what I'm used to, so I kept getting pictures like this.

And this.

We had a lot of fun though, even if I don't have good, non-blurry pictures to prove it.

Devon and Connor decided to go "wading" in the river.

We went to Dairy Queen for dessert after, although we didn't get out of the car since Devon was wet, Connor had chosen to take off his wet pants and wear a towel sarong (didn't want to be seen in public that way ) , Owen refused to put on his shoes, and Brenna fell asleep. A quick note on the pictures, you might be able to read the time/date stamp on the pictures, no they weren't really taken 01/08/2007. The date stamp on Devon's camera is either broken or simply beyond my ability to set correctly.
 On Mother's Day itself, Rod made waffles with whipped cream and blackberries and our very own bacon from our very own pigs. I got to spend some money at my favorite yarn store and my new kitty arrived.
 Much better than last year's mother's day when I was barely home from the hospital after my C-section, hemorrhage, and Dural puncture. I was still feeling HORRIBLE, then Owen had a seizure and we got to host our friendly local paramedics. I didn't even get a present because my poor husband hadn't had a minute free to get to the store. This year was a great improvement.

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