Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flats Challenge- Give Up?


 Yesterday was not a good day. I came very close to giving up on the challenge. Brenna is cutting teeth again and isn't sleeping well, which means I don't sleep well. We increased Owen's meds again Monday night, so he was literally climbing the walls, running everywhere, and driving his siblings nuts again. Monday, I washed 11 diapers and 3 covers. The diapers were finally dry around 2:00pm Tuesday. The covers didn't dry until today. Tuesday, I washed 21 diapers. Almost twice as many as Monday. Only one cover though. Thanks to our rainy Pacific NW weather, the diapers I washed during the day Tuesday didn't dry enough to be used until this evening and the ones I washed last night are still wet. 

 Then there was the washing itself. Someone (who shall remain nameless) put a poopy diaper in the pail without rinsing it at all. We had olives with dinner. Enough said! At the nightime washing, someone else (who will also remain nameless)  put a (rinsed out) poopy diaper in the pail of diapers I had just finished washing but hadn't wrung out yet. So I had to rewash the entire load.
 Today ,thankfully, went much better! I'm getting a routine down for washing. I think I was overdoing it at first, not really able to believe that I could get diapers clean enough by hand.  We also had enough of a break in the rain that I was able to put the diapers outside to dry for a while. They dried much faster outside. Then my wonderful husband (who may or may not have been one of the unmentioned people from above) washed the last batch of diapers for me. That's right, my husband washed a batch of diapers by hand! I think I can make it through a few more days now.

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