Thursday, May 23, 2013

Owen's New Shirts- Ketogenic Diet

 I decided to order Owen some shirts to let people know that he can't eat regular food (we haven't actually started the diet yet, we meet with the Keto team June 3rd). We have several events coming up this summer that will include food (what major events don't?, I never really noticed this until I had a child who couldn't eat) . Most people are really good about asking for parent permission before giving a child sweets, but don't think anything about handing them a carrot stick. So, I had these made.
 We still plan on telling everyone about his dietary restrictions, but I'm hoping these shirts( I ordered 2) will help serve as a reminder. I also ordered another shirt because it was too cute to resist.
I didn't get modeled photos since Owen wasn't in a cooperative mood.

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